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Katja und Franzi The first wedding we documented was in 2008 – back then we still took photographs. In mid 2009 - by pure chance really – we stumbled upon a film crew who opened our eyes to a completely different and very modern approach on how to film and edit wedding videos. Ever since we worked on various different film projects always trying to implement the techniques as well as to capture the level of emotion we cherished in their videos. Since 2010 we virtually abandoned wedding photography to refocus our energy on film making.

Katja On location we work almost always in a team of two or three with every team member filming on their own DSLR camera – the same cameras have recently been used to film single episodes of US TV shows like “House M.D.” and “24”. Using this kind of equipment allows us to capture the look of a major film production while at the same time being flexible, mobile and most importantly unobtrusive.

You can get a glimpse of our wedding and event videography at http://vimeo.com/ewalis as well as on our blog.